Hitting What You Aim For

With the new year approaching, I regularly hear, “This next year I am going to set some goals; I mean it; I am tired of how things are in my life, financially, physically…this next year is going to be different.” I ask them if they had neglected to do that, set goals, this last year. The answer usually is “no, I did set some goals last year but…” or “I just had some things distract me…” or “You just don’t know how chaotic my year has been…” or “I just don’t know how I got off track, I started out well.”

My son, who is now a psychologist, called me from college a few years back, after having sat through one of his psychology classes. He was quite annoyed to say the least. He told me that the class discussion was on why there are so many individuals, in the United States, that feel like they are “failures.” He said, “Dad, the entire discussion was based on feelings and opinions, rather than statistical facts. They concluded that the reason for this feeling of failure was due to how individuals feel about themselves, peer pressure, less opportunities, not enough time, etc.” My comment to my son was, “I don’t understand, either, why people feel so much like failures. They should feel like winners; have a true sense of accomplishment.”

There is an old saying, “One usually hits what they aim at. If they aim at nothing, chances are that is what they will hit. NOTHING! I told him that people should really be celebrating. Now if they had goals and didn’t attain them, then that is one thing, but if they didn’t set goals in the first place or even try, then they actually attained what they set out to do. I guess they didn’t fail after all. Very few people, or organizations for that matter, that I have been around, set real goals. It is more about what one “hopes” to have happen, than what Will Happen. This year, Set Real GoalsWrite them down. Become accountable to someone for achievement.  Remember…

“People don’t get what they deserve, they get what they settle for.”   – Anonymous

If you need assistance setting goals and being held accountable, contact me. I would love to help! ~ Phil Wilder