Measuring the Effectiveness of a Leadership Coach

Just because a baseball coach coaches and trains baseball players, does not mean that he is a good baseball player himself. And like wise, just because a person gives seminars and writes a book on leadership does not make them a good leader or for that matter a good leadership trainer.

As a matter of fact, every salesperson, financial institute, unemployed manager, or church leader just to name a few, say they are leadership trainers. One can shake any tree and at least 12 leadership trainers will fall out of it.

I am continually hearing concerns about the critical need to find competent and effective leaders. With all of the leadership seminars, books, podcasts, and discussion forums, why is there such a leadership void and leadership competency that seems to be so rapidly diminishing?

How then does one measure the effectiveness or value of a leadership coach? What is the rate of return or investment (R.O.I.) or is there any?

I am asking you, if you are willing, to take the time to message me your thoughts on this issue.